I'm a California native.  I love the ocean, the great outdoors and animals.  

My childhood neighborhood was filled with horses.  I worked in the stables in exchange for riding.  My favorite trails were in the Griffith Park mountains behind the famous Hollywood Sign :)   

I had dreams of becoming a horse veterinarian. 

~ Creativity is genetic  

My grandmother and her father were fine art painters.  I inherited creativity.  During my youth I made candles, beaded necklaces, knotted macrame, sketched (very poorly, since I can't draw worth beans), wrote, sewed and created hand-made homes for my numerous pets.

In high school I enjoyed classes in ceramics, drama, creative writing, and photography.

I met my husband while attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo CA.   Between the births of our first and second sons I started my career in obstetrical nursing (not veterinary medicine, but, close).  We settled into our ranch home in Gilroy CA and filled it with horses, dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, and every assortment of pets our sons brought home.

~ Introduction to Painting   

My young son was taking watercolor lessons from local Gilroy artist, Diane Wallace.  I joined my son for a few lessons.  I was inspired by the styles of Winslow Homer, Paul Gauguin and Mary Cassatt.  My son was an instant artist, but watercolor painting did not come easy to me :( 

~ Becoming a Watercolor Artist !

Fast forward 20 years.  My husbands employment brings us to Pepperell MA.   I was retired and free to follow my creative heart.  Ceramics was an art that I took to like a duck in water.  In my search for a studio, I found an artist heaven in The Picker Building Nashua NH.  I created ceramic & sold on consignment at a flower-gift shop in Pepperell.  I also volunteered at the Senior Center.  It was there that I saw a painting of a colorful Rooster.    

This painting spoke to me.  I was excited to discover that the artist, Mauricio Puente Sr, led a weekly paint group.   In my 50s, I sign up for the second painting course in my life.  Though the group painted with oils, I preferred the beauty of transparent watercolor.  Mauricio and I became great friends during these two years before my husbands career brought us to Texas.  I am forever in debt to Mauricio, my friend and mentor, for being the springboard of my growth as a watercolor artist.

Mauricio Sr. and Carlin

Mauricio Puente Sr. and Carlin

~ My Style

My love of the outdoors, the ocean, and tropical beaches is expressed in my paintings.     

For me, Watercolor has a vibrant transparent depth that exudes Life and Energy.  I amplify color in my art.   

My painting goal is impressionistic, to capture the feel of the scene, not to provide photographic copy.  

I want my painting to draw you in and allow your imagination .... to fill in ..... the rest of the story   :-)    

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