I'm a California native & now call Austin Texas my home.  

I love the ocean, the great outdoors & animals.  

My childhood home was in a horse area & I worked in stables for horse riding privileges!  My favorite trails were in the Griffith Park mountains behind the famous Hollywood Sign.   

My career goal was to be a horse veterinarian :) 

    ~ Creative genes  

My grandmother & her father were fine art painters. 

My creative expression growing up was making candles, beading necklaces, macrame, sketching ( poorly, since I can't draw), & making hand-made homes for my numerous pets.

In high school, I enjoyed classes in ceramics, drama, creative writing & photography.

I met my husband while attending Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo CA.   We married, had 2 sons & I started my career in obstetrical nursing (not veterinary medicine, but, close).   We moved to Gilroy CA & filled our ranch home with horses, dogs, cats, birds, bunnies....any animal our sons brought home.

Photo of Mauricio Puente Sr. and Carlin

~ Becoming a Watercolor Artist !

Fast forward 20 years.  My husband's employment brings us to Pepperell MA.   I retired early & followed my creative heart.  

Starting with a ceramic studio in "The Picker Building" in Nashua NH, I created ceramic art & sold pieces at a gift shop in Pepperell.  

I also volunteered at the Pepperell Senior Center.  It was there that I saw a painting of a colorful Rooster.     

This painting spoke to me!   It was painted by artist Mauricio Puente Sr, who hosted a  weekly paint group, so I joined in.   

Mauricio & I became great friends during the two years before my husband's career brought us to Texas.   I am forever in debt to Mauricio, my friend & mentor, for being the springboard for my becoming a watercolor artist. 

(photo of Mauricio Puente Sr. & Carlin) 

~ My Style

My style is impressionism, I paint the feel of a scene,  not specific details.  I want my painting to invite you in & allow your imagination to fill in the story   :-)   

  Carlin Art Watercolor Gallery